How to Maintain Your Car During Winter- Jenkins Hyundai- Ocala, FL

Sure, the winters are milder in Florida than they are in the northern and midwestern sections of the country, but at Jenkins Hyundai we know that even in Florida the cooler temperatures can take a toll on your vehicle if its not properly maintained. Our dealership offers a fully equipped service department, and our factory-trained technicians can help you with all your winter maintenance needs from inspecting and rotation your tires to checking fluids and your vehicle’s battery. Read on for more tips on what you may want to do to make sure your car, or SUV is ready and safe for winter. Then, schedule a service appointment and let us check off all the items on your winter maintenance list for you!

Don’t Let Your Vehicle’s Spark Fade in Winter: Check Those Spark Plugs!

When it comes to making sure your vehicle starts in cooler weather, spark plugs play an important role, but can often be overlooked.  Here are some signs that your spark plugs may not make it through winter: an engine that idles roughly, weaker than usual acceleration, higher than normal fuel consumption and hesitations or surges with your engine. If your vehicle is experiencing any of these things, or you are nearing the mileage cap on your current spark plugs, be sure to have them checked out before the cold weather hits.

Make Sure Your Vehicle’s Tires Can Handle the Cold

  Making sure your tires are in good condition is important to your safety on the road all year long, but can be especially critical in cooler weather. If you are travelling to areas that may have lots of snow and ice this winter it is important that you get your tires inspected for tread depth and any uneven wear. Worn down treads open you up to the danger of your vehicle slipping in icy conditions. However, even if you are not leaving Florida this winter, the cooler temperatures can have an impact on your tire pressure. Cooler temps can cause tire pressure to drop and underinflated tires can cause problems for you such as providing less traction and causing your vehicle to get less than optimal gas mileage. To avoid these pitfalls, be sure to have our technicians inspect your tires when you come in for your winter maintenance.

Get Your Battery Inspected and Your Fluid Levels Checked

  Two more important items on your winter vehicle maintenance checklist should be: Getting your battery inspected and the fluid levels in your vehicle checked. Just as dropping temperatures can have an effect on your spark plugs, they can impact your car’s battery as well. It’s a good idea to have your battery looked over and the voltage levels checked as we head into winter. You will also want to make sure our technicians make sure your vehicle has the proper fluid levels and that the are the optimal fluids for cooler weather.

Stop in to Jenkins Hyundai for Your Winter Vehicle Maintenance

  At Jenkins Hyundai we are ready to service your car or SUV year-round, but as the winter weather rolls in, be sure schedule an appointment for your winter maintenance. Our dealership is conveniently located to the Ocala, Lady Lake, Gainesville, Dunnellon and The Villages. Schedule your appointment today!

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