Hyundai Blue Link® -- What is It and How Does It Work?

As technology continues to revolutionize the driving experience, making what might have been thought cutting-edge before now the order of the day, the former has become about more than just transportation. Before these most modern of modern days, you could only enjoy certain aspects behind the wheel or from the back seat. Others, many of us couldn't even have imagined. But today, tech suites like Hyundai Blue Link have brought it all together. Wondering what makes it up? Join us here at Jenkins Hyundai of Ocala for a personal virtual tour -- we've made learning more about it easy.

Blue Link is, by definition, a smartphone or smartwatch app, part of a three-year complimentary service built into most 2012 or later Hyundai vehicles as well as many of the new 2018 models you can find here at our Ocala, FL dealership. It works with most Android and Apple phones, the Apple Watch, and Wear OS by Google. With it, you can access and control a host of Hyundai vehicle features remotely. It even dovetails with connected home device such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. All you need is a continuing subscription to our automaker's services, Hyundai Assurance Connected Care and Essentials. You can enroll in Blue Link anytime you like, too, provided you've got the proper equipment.

What can the app be used for? Remotely starting, locking, or unlocking your vehicle, setting its interior climate, and activating its horn and lights are just the beginning. With it, or via your virtual assistant device's voice-command capability, you can, for one, run a full vehicle diagnostic, managed by your car or SUV's touchscreen infotainment system. If there's a problem under the hood, it'll let you know. From there, it's on to Service Link -- just touch the button on your rearview mirror, and you can send the details of what's happening to our Southwest College Road service center and set up a maintenance visit. And when it's time for regular service, you can get a monthly report and helpful reminder via email.

Of course, these aren't all. First, if you drive a Hyundai plug-in hybrid or EV, for example, you can schedule and manage charging remotely, at the ideal times and rates. If your Hyundai is navigation-equipped, you can take advantage of Destination Search powered by Google&#trade;, too. Use it, or voice commands from the cockpit, to search for your favorite restaurants, nearby gas stations and more, and the service will sync with your nav system, pre-planning your route for when you're ready to head out. You can even save preferred venues. Plus, a Remote Car Finder lets you drop a pin where you park and, within a mile of your Hyundai, help you locate it again. The app even makes finding your vehicle much simpler if it's stolen, by providing local law enforcement a location and disengaging its engine until they can recover it. Moreover, you can summon first responders and roadside assistance, set up geofencing and speed alerts and deliver curfew reminders for young drivers, and create a "panic button," alerting others when you're in need with an automatic text or email.

Eager to check out more of what Blue Link has to offer? You're welcome to contact is by phone or using our Web form, or stop by for a visit. We'll be delighted to give you the up close and personal take.