What cars have Hyundai Blue Link?

Nowadays, cars and technology are more intertwined than ever before. From smart safety features to innovations in hybrid and electric car technologies, the automotive industry and Silicon Valley have leveraged their respective areas of expertise to make vehicles even the famous futuristic cartoon family The Jetsons would be envious of.

Naturally, Hyundai has always been on the cutting edge of automotive technological innovations, and if you ever needed evidence of its technological prowess, you need only look to the new Hyundai Blue Link® System, an innovative suite of technologies designed to keep you and your car connected and provide added functionality…even when you're not in the driver's seat!

Now, we field a lot of questions about Hyundai Blue Link® here at Jenkins Hyundai of Ocala, but undoubtedly the most common question is, "Just what is it?"

Well, in the most basic terms, Hyundai Blue Link® is a connected vehicle system that allows you to access embedded telematic in your vehicle through a mobile app on your phone. Now, the functionalities of this app can vary based on Hyundai model's equipment and package options, but ultimately, Hyundai Blue Link® will provide you with greater insight into the inner workings of your car, and greater control over its features.

So, with that in mind, you may be wondering, "Which Hyundai models feature Hyundai Blue Link® technologies?" And we're happy to report that the answer is: nearly all of them! Most current 2018 Hyundai models feature Hyundai Blue Link® compatibility<, but the features can differ depending on the model and package./p>

For most Hyundai models, the Connected Care Package for Hyundai Blue Link® is standard, offering greater peace of mind through a suite of diagnostic and emergency response features. With this package, you'll get maintenance reminders and monthly vehicle health reports, as well as the ability to schedule a service visit with us here at Jenkins Hyundai of Ocala right from the comfort of your car. What's more, in the event of an accident, the Hyundai Blue Link® system with Connected Care Package features Automatic Collision Notification, which can connect you to an agent at the Blue Link Emergency Response Center. If necessary, that agent will then send emergency services to your location.

In addition, some Hyundai Blue Link® equipped models come with the Remote Package, which connects to the mobile app on your smart phone to give you control over some of your vehicle's systems no matter where you are. You can remotely lock and unlock the doors, monitor your car's movements with Geo-Fence if you're just letting your teen start to drive, and even access the CarFinder to locate your vehicle in the crowded parking lots of Ocala if need be.

On top of that, there's also an available Guidance Package available for the Hyundai Blue Link® system, which provides Destination Search By Voice while you're in the car, and Destination Send-To-Car by Google when you're using the mobile app, turning your vehicle into a virtual command center on the go.

Now, this is just small sample of the features and amenities afforded to you by the Hyundai Blue Link® system, but trust us when we say that once you've experienced it for yourself, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. So, if you'd like to check out some of the new Hyundai Blue Link®-equipped models we have in store today, feel free to pay us a visit at Jenkins Hyundai of Ocala.

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