What kind of maintenance does a vehicle need?

Every vehicle purchased is going to require some form of maintenance in order to keep it running for as long as possible. Some manufactures require more vehicle care than others, but bottom line is there will be some added care costs over the years of ownership. The good news is that manufactures usually explain a standard course of maintenance for as the long as the car will run. That way the owner of the vehicle is left to guess when parts need replaced and risk major damages. Every vehicle is going to need consistent oil changes. Depending on driving habits, environmental conditions and the distance being traveled on a daily basis can change the amount of time between oil changes. It is recommended to change the oil at least every 3000-5000 miles. Air filters will need to be changed a couple of times a year. That also depends on the environment the car is driven in and how hard the vehicle is pushed. There are lot of factors to keep in mind when thinking about the maintenance of your vehicle so talk to one of our service team members and we can keep track of past service and schedule new services for you.

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